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This Toddler Mini Combo Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors.

Made Specially for Toddlers or Little Kidz. They Are Built Small, But As Strong As The Bigger Jumpers (Same Materials Are Used To Make This Mini Combo As the Bigger Jumpers).

It Is Great for When It Is Cold Outside or When It Rains or Snows Outside, It Fits Inside of Most Rooms or Inside of the Garage or in a Patio Cover Area.

Space Required To Set Up This Mini Jumper:

  • 9 Feet Wide (Jumper Width and Blower)
  • 16 Feet Long (Jumper and Slide Length)
  • 7 Feet In Height Is Also Required.

Please Check Yard or Room Clearance Ahead of Time.


Toddler Mini Combo is :

  • 16 Feet Long
  • 7 Feet Wide
  • 7 Feet Tall


Daily Rental Price is $60.00 Per Day.

With 3 Tables and 24 Chairs is $90.00

With 6 Tables and 24 Chairs is $120.00

This is Being Used Indoors In A Garage During a Rainy Day.


This is Being Used Indoors In My Basement Game Room.


Boys Mini Combo is 16 Feet Long by 7 Feet Wide by 7 Feet Tall.

Daily Rental Price is $60.00 Per Day.

With 3 Tables and 24 Chairs is $90.00

With 6 Tables and 24 Chairs is $120.00

This Jumper Is Rented As A Secondary Jumper With A Bigger Jumper, Not As A Primary Jumper By Itself. It Is Made Small For Toddlers and Little Kidz Only.

It Has a 7x7 Foot Jumper with a Slide and Bump Stop Attached To It.

This is a Great Jumper for When It Rains or Snows Outside, It can be placed Indoors or in a Garage or in a Patio Area.

This is a High Quality Jumper That Is Made For Use by Toddlers and Small Kidz.

Made Strong So That An Adult Can Go Inside with the Little Kidz

The Materials Used To Make These Mini Combos Are The Same High Quality Materials as in the Bigger Jumpers.

This Jumper Uses a 1 HP Blower Motor (8 Amps)

Connection Outlet MUST Be With In 75 Feet of Blower Motor To Operate Properly Or You Might Have Power Issues Due to Distance.