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We Do Inflatable Jumper Repairs Out of Our Shop in Hesperia

We Do Quality Work, Not Cheap Work. So If Price is an Issue,
Go to the Other Guy

We Can Fix Them Broken Zippers. We Can Also Install New Zippers

We Can Install Porthole Pockets Under the Inflatable to Help With Deflation and to Help Get Water Out of the Waterslides

 We Can Replace Old Worn Out Velcro

We Can Make New Stair Covers, If You Have the Old Style PVC Steps, We Can Replace Them With New Square Foam Steps That Are A Lot Better and More Comfortable For The Kids To Climb On

We Can Make New Slide Covers to Replace Those Old Worn Out Ones or Ripped Ones That No Longer Function Properly

We Can Make You a New Pool Cover to Replace the Worn Out One. We Can Make a New Pool Cover If You Missing One, Just Bring In the Waterslide So We Can Properly Measure It  

We Can Fix Old Worn Out Seams That Let Too Much Air Bleed Out

We Can Fix Blown Baffles. Rips and Tears

We Can Replace Worn or Torn Nail Down Straps

We Also Make Jumper Tie Down Straps in Different Sizes

We Also Make Waterslide Hold Down Straps in Different Sizes

We Also Make Jumper Pulling Straps to Help in Rolling the Jumpers

Let Us Know What You Have to Get Fixed


Repair Table Pics


We Install Square Foam Steps Used For Repairs Instead of the Old Plastic PVC Steps. If You Prefer PVC Steps, We Can Do Those Also


Repairs of Nail Down Straps, Blower Tube Straps and Regular Jumper Tie Straps


2 Pics Before Repair


2 Pics After Repair Done


1 Pic Before

2 Pics After Repair Done


1 Pic Before Solid Roof Changed to Vented Roof

2 Pics After Repair Done of Solid Roof Changed to Vented Roof


6 Pics Before Repair of Steps and New Slide Cover

5 Pics After Repair of New Stairs and New Slide Cover